Episode #7

How the nuns saved Obamacare

Podcast: Sister Simone Campbell, of the Nuns on the Bus, tells an amazing story. Plus, Pope Francis!
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In the final days before the bill passed, who saved Obamacare? Catholic nuns. Sister Simone Campbell—one of the most charming, utterly down-to-earth, and profoundly committed people I've ever met—explains why. And in the process, she tells her own fascinating story, from an anti-segregation sit-in where, as a teenager, she decided to take her vows, all the way to the present and her delight in the joyous tone set by Pope Francis.

If you're glad that Obamacare is finally here—that millions of Americans are, at last, covered by health insurance—then you'll love this mini, Christmas-inspired episode of The Good Fight.

We'll be back on Jan 9 with the next full episode of the show, featuring a new Win Report, comedy, and fresh stories of people people changing the world. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe and post a review on iTunes, and start a petition with our sponsor and partner, MoveOn.org

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Originally posted on December 20, 2013


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