Episode #6

Coca-Cola voter suppression. Beating ALEC. LIVE from Rootscamp

A podcast about an astonishingly successful campaign against corporate crappiness.
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Diet Coke. Cherry Coke. Voter Suppression Coke. Thanks to a brilliant grassroots campaign, one of these products has been discontinued.

On this episode, recorded live at the Rootscamp activist summit, we take you behind the slingshot in the astonishingly successful fight to expose and shame the corporations backing the notorious American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is the shadowy, far-right group behind crafted such state policy gems as Voter ID laws and Stand Your Ground—but because of our guest and his allies, it's on the retreat. Plus, the first cameo by Ben's two-year-old son Mac; a special three-person crowd-wowing edition of The Win Report, and a misadventure in skydiving. Listen, post a review, and spread the word!

Originally posted on December 18, 2013


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... is awesome. You should go.

Win Report

  1. Win: Uruguay ends marijuana prohibition. President says,  "Maybe I am wrong about this but if I am, give me another solution because prohibitionist policy failed."
  2. Win: Judge Nina Pillard confirmed to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, thanks to filibuster reform.
  3. Loss: Michigan's terrible anti-choice insurance law.
  4. Loss and another loss: India and Australia go backwards on LGBT rights
  5. Win: Saturday Night Live listens to public outcry (especially from Color of Change members!) and decides to cast an African-American woman—the first since 2007, and only the fifth in 39 years.
  6. Win: San Francisco's plastic bag ban survives court challenge. Pacific Ocean wildlife cheer from beneath the waves.
  7. Loss (sorta): Fox's Megyn Kelly tells kids that Santa is definitely white.

Epic story: the Battle of Alec

Sign the Color of Change petition against corporate-funded voter suppression that started it all, right here. And check out Color of Change's blog posts about the ALEC fight. And then read the recent Guardian piece about ALEC's funding crisis—which revealed the full impact of the campaign.

To learn more, definitely take a look at the Center for Media and Democracy's special site, ALEC Exposed.

Radio with Pictures!

Thanks to our friends at We Act Radio 1480 AM in Washington DC, who streamed live video from Rootscamp, you can watch AND listen to our live show right here on Youtube!

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Win Report:

Epic Story:

  • Almost End - Royalty Free
  • Resistance - Royalty Free
  • Epic Movie Introduction - teknoaxe
  • Time to Run - Dexter Britain
  • Human Sacrifice - Royalty Free Kings

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