Episode #22

You've got to hear this preacher

Rev. Jim Wallis on faith, Obama, and the least of these.
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Rev. Jim Wallis left evangelical Christianity to fight for social justice—and then found his vocation by mixing them together. Now, he's a spiritual adviser to Obama, a force in immigration reform, and our guest. Plus: a new Win Report.

Originally posted on May 15, 2014


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Show Notes

Come to the Global Health Justice Awards on June 3rd, 2014 in New York City and see Ben receive the inaugural Next Generation Award.  Can't go but still want to show your support? You can donate to the Health GAP here!

WIN: Michael Sam, the college football player who came out as openly gay earlier this year, was drafted as the 249th pick in the 7th round of the NFL draft.  After he found out, he posted a video of the happy celebration with his boyfriend.

WIN: Thanks to student campaigning, Stanford has become the first major university to divest from coal.  Their endowment was worth about $18 billion, and this will drive up the pressure for other universities to follow suit.

LOSS: Last week, the Ohio Senate voted to suspend renewable energy standards, along with their energy efficiency program.   This is expected to sail through the House and governor's office.

WIN: An Arkansas Judge struck down the same-sex marriage ban.  Dozens of couples got married on Monday, May 12th, but the Attorney General expected to appeal this decision.

WIN: Mitt Romney and the Subway CEO both agree—we should raise the minimum wage! Vermont is also on track to have the highest statewide minimum wage in the nation by 2018.  Gov. Shumlin just needs to sign off on increasing min wage to $10.50/hr!

LOSSPORTUNITY: The FCC is responding to great campaigning from grassroots organizations about net neutrality.  (update: after this podcast was recorded, the FCC began voting against net neutrality)

WIN: Pennsylvania Governor Tim Corbett finally released $45 million to Philadelphia public schools so that they can hire more staff.  In addition to a MoveOn petition for this, many students were threatened with suspension after starting to protest outside of school.  They protested anyway.  

WIN: Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton passed the most progressive piece of legislation this year—The Women's Economic Security Act of 2014.  This bill would require businesses with government contracts to certify that they are paying equal wages to workers, it bans punishment of employees who discuss pay, lengthens maternity leave, and does all sorts of other wonderful things for women!

Shenandoah and the Night - "So Low, So High"
Wintermitts - "Le Paradis"
Citay - "On the Wings"
Tonstartssbandht - "Hymn Our Garden"

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