Episode #19

NRA, watch out: Meet Bloomberg's supermom secret weapon

Shannon Watts, $50 million from Bloomberg, and the inside story of a grassroots uprising
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For two long decades, gun safety reform was a nonstarter. And then came the Newtown massacre. Outrage swept the country. Politicians vowed to act. And in Zionsville, Indiana, a stay-at-home mother of five logged on to Facebook and created a page that would become the epicenter of a new movement of moms to demand action and save lives. 

That mom, Shannon Watts, was a political neophyte, but her communications expertise—honed in her past career as a PR pro—made her an instant force to be reckoned with. Within a year, she and her network became the grassroots partner of Michael Bloomberg's campaign to stem the tide of gun violence in America. And this week, Bloomberg and Watts announced a new organization, Everytown for Gun Safety, and a $50 million plan to hold anti-safety politicians accountable in this year's elections... with far greater investments possible down the line. 

Today on The Good Fight, Shannon shares her story, her strategy, and the reasons why change is possible in a country where tens of thousands die from gunshots every year.

Originally posted on April 16, 2014


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Show Notes

A great Mother Jones article about the lessons of the Clinton-era fight over the assault weapons ban.

The New York Times report on the failure the pass gun control last April, in the wake of the Newtown shootings.

The video that Moms Demand Action put together about gun sales on Facebook.

Shannon's appearance on CBS News back in March to talk about social media gun sales.

The USA Today report from December 2012 about the founding of One Million Moms for Gun Control.

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